Inscripción anticipada
20 Sep - 01 Oct 00:00
Inscripción normal
01 Oct - 08 Nov 15:00
Inscripción tardía
08 Nov - 11 Nov 12:00
Duración del evento 13 Nov - 14 Nov

Staffanstorps judogames 2021

Due to the Covid-19 situation we have decided to keep the competition a bit smaller this year.

Max number of registrations: 250, first come first serve!

Categories: U13, U15, U18 and Senior (U21 may compete in Senior)
All matches will be live-streamed on the Swedish judo federation youtube channel

Date and location

Date: 2021-11-13

Address: Staffanstorps judoklubb, Hagalidsvägen 4, 245 45 Staffanstorp, Sweden

Common entry: 09:10 (gathering of all competitors in Staffanstorp's Dojo 09:00)

Start of Competition: 9:30

Kiosk: Exists with food (sausages, hamburgers etc) candy and soft drinks

Tatamis: 4


A minimum of 4 kyus is required for all the categories.

Registration anD Entry FEE

  • Early bird registration:2021-09-15-- 2021-09-30 (100 SEK discount per entry)
  • Normal registration: 2021-10-01--2021-11-05
  • Late registration:  2021-11-06--2021-11-09 (double entry fee)

Single-entry fee: 300 SEK per athlete.

Double-entry: 100 SEK discount per athlete for the second entry. (Not during Early bird)


The competition will be conducted according to the Contest Rules, Organization Code and Sporting Code of the Swedish Judo Federation (,  and IJF SOR.

Blue and white judo Gi is not compulsory but is much appreciated by organizers.

Competition management

David Lundgren, Markus Stenman, Jan Wiberg


  • Damer 300 SEK
  • Flickor U18 300 SEK
    Girls U18
  • Flickor U15 300 SEK
    Girls U15
  • Flickor U13 300 SEK
    Girls U13 Flytande viktklasser
  • Herrar 300 SEK
  • Pojkar U18 300 SEK
    Boys U18
  • Pojkar U15 300 SEK
    Boys U15
  • Pojkar U13 300 SEK
    Boys U13 Flytande viktklasser

Cancel/Refund policy