Early bird registrations
17 Jul - 10 Sep 06:00
일반 신청
Deadline 25 Sep 23:59
늦은 산청
Deadline 27 Sep 23:59


Välkommen till Wemmenhögs Judo Open 2022

Minimum 4 kyu to participate.

Weigh-in: 07:30 - 09:00

Shiai starts at: 10:00  

3 tatamis will be used for the competition, but we reserve us the right to change to 4 depending upon the number of competitiors.

Competition rules are according to SJF TB.

Swedish competitors are insured through Svenska Judoförbundets agreement. Non-swedish participants are responsible for their own insurance. The organizer does not assume any liability.

Special rules for entry in more than one category applies: www.judo.se/verksamhet/tavling/ 

A kiosk will be open where hot and cold food and drinks are offered.

Note that we cannot provide a sauna at the location.

Covid 19: We reserve us the right to make quick changes if Folkhälsomyndigheten change their recommendations and guidelines.

Organizer: Joakim Zander
Organizer IT: Daniel Balder


Skurup Sparbank Arena »
Vaktgatan 3
Timezone: Europe/Stockholm

Cancel/Refund policy


  • Damer Veteran 300 SEK
    Damer Veteran
  • Damer 300 SEK
  • Damer U21 300 SEK
  • Flickor U18 300 SEK
  • Flickor U15 300 SEK
  • Flickor U13 300 SEK
    Flytande viktklasser
  • Flickor U11 300 SEK
    Flytande viktklasser
  • Herrar Veteran 300 SEK
    Herrar Veteran
  • Herrar 300 SEK
  • Herrar U21 300 SEK
  • Pojkar U18 300 SEK
  • Pojkar U15 300 SEK
  • Pojkar U13 300 SEK
    Flytande viktklasser
  • Pojkar U11 300 SEK
    Flytande viktklasser
  • Coacher 0 SEK