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13 Nov - 14 Nov 2021

Staffanstorps judogames 2021

Early bird registrations
20 Sep - 01 Oct 00:00
Normal registration
Deadline 08 Nov 15:00
Late registrations
Deadline 11 Nov 12:00


Weigh in (Schedule might change):

Friday November 12th All categories 18:30 - 23:00
Saturday November 13th All categories 07:30 - 08:30
U18 & Senior: 10:00 -11:30


Only 1 decimal of the scale will be used, no rounding (i.e 80.98 will be registered as 80.9)

WEigh-in up to 14 years of age

Judoka up to 14 years of age shall do the weigh-in with judo trousers and t-shirt (or similar) and must pass the weight with these clothes on. No deductions are made

They must not do the weigh-in in only underwear.

Weigh-in for ages 15-17

Judoka 15-17 years old can chose to do the weigh-in in either

  • Judo trousers and t-shirt
  • Underwear (men – underpants, women – underpants and bra);

A deduction of 0,1kg will be done.

Example: if the scales show 52.1 - the weight will be registered as 52.0

They may not do the weigh-in naked

Weigh-in for ages 18 and above

Judoka of 18 years and older may choose to weigh in in either

  • Judo trousers and t-shirt
  • Underwear
  • Naked


Staffanshallen »
Hagalidvägen 6
Timezone: Europe/Stockholm


  • Damer 300 SEK
  • Flickor U18 300 SEK
    Girls U18
  • Flickor U15 300 SEK
    Girls U15
  • Flickor U13 300 SEK
    Girls U13 Flytande viktklasser
  • Herrar 300 SEK
  • Pojkar U18 300 SEK
    Boys U18
  • Pojkar U15 300 SEK
    Boys U15
  • Pojkar U13 300 SEK
    Boys U13 Flytande viktklasser
  • Coach? 0 SEK
    Each coach should register in this catergory
  • Boende i klassrum Fredag till Lördag 100 SEK
    Accommodation in a classroom Friday to Saturday
  • Boende i klassrum lördag till söndag 100 SEK
    Accommodation in a classroom Saturday to Sunday